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Oz’s Hottest Property – A Hat-Trick of Reds from

Johnny Q

Here you are front of queue for three wines that don’t just shake your hand and say “g’day”. They wrap you in a big, cuddly bear hug too!

Like the best Aussie reds, they match the personality of their winemaker – and yet you will also get change from £10 too.

They’re from Australia’s hottest winemaker, John Quarisa – or Johnny Q as he’s known – who for 20 years has worked long hours at some of Australia’s best wineries, including McWilliam’s, Casella and Nugan Estate. He always dreamed of setting up on his own – but kept putting it off, getting grumpier year by year. Finally wife Josephine ‘spat the dummy’ (as they say in Oz) and told him to get a ****** move on! So Johnny Q did.

Now he works even longer hours – but making his OWN wine, at his OWN winery. Shot In The Dark is already a favourite, while The Great Bonza and Q Malbec are new. You can buy them individually or take advantage of their only UK outing in the showcase.

“Exceptional value for money”

(Australia’s top wine critic James Halliday on Johnny Q’s wines)

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