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“We must not leave Argentina without it!”

Connoisseurs pay up to £45 a bottle for this vineyard’s reds ... here’s an 8-year-old parcel just for you ... for less than a third of that!

“You won’t believe the wine I’ve just been offered”. Our buyer, Beth, had never sounded more excited. She was in Argentina … and she’d just landed the undisputed fine red coup of the year. Want to know a secret? Argentina’s most highly rated reds are made from Cabernet. Decanter’s Wine Awards have ranked them Best in the World three years in a row. Today you’re front of the queue for one from a £45-a-bottle vineyard ... and you won’t even pay a third of that!

Beth found herself at Benegas on a trip to Mendoza. And over lunch they insisted she try a glass of something extra special. The gleaming ruby-red wine was alive with intense dark fruit. Opulent and satin-smooth, with complex notes of clove and vanilla oak. It was - by miles - the best thing Beth had tried in Argentina. But she knew the vineyard ... and that their mature reds sell for £45-per-bottle.

Charm offensive saves you £72 per case

Nothing could have prepared us for Claudia Benegas’ offer. A one-off price on that 2010 if Beth took it there and then. Claudia’s on a mission to make Cabernet as big as Malbec in the UK. This deal’s her vote of confidence in our customers ... she’s certain you’ll fall in love from your first sip.

So you get your hands on Argentina’s mature best for just £19.99 £13.99! Beth was shaking Claudia’s hand and phoning us at HQ before she’d finished speaking. “Our customers will adore this. I’m not leaving Argentina without it!” A discreet new label later (after all, this vineyard’s wine sells for £45 a bottle) the coup of the year is ready to grace your table. Eight years’ patient maturity - so rare to find with Argentinian wines - have created a rich, indulgent dinner party showstopper. Quite simply, it’s one of the best things we’ve found in recent years – and not a wine any lover of fine, rich reds should miss. Make sure your name’s on a case.