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... and you’re being rewarded with FREE magnums!

The Black Red superstar whose debut vintage stormed our charts is back ... and it’s brought 500 FREE magnums with it!

Vinha do Fava had a sensational first outing – scooping six Gold medals, pages of 5-star customer reviews and the title of your “Best Black Red of 2017”.

But the new vintage has already gone one step above that. One competition entered – one Grand Gold medal scooped! Over 7,200 challengers ... just 19 Grand Gold champions That’s top 0.02% sort of stuff. While other winners included a £40 Saint-Émilion Grand Cru ... today Vinha do Fava is £8.99 a bottle.

The secret? Touriga Nacional is a grape usually found powering three-figure vintage Port. But it also makes reds of incredible value. And when grown in Leonor Freitas’ 70+ Gold medal winning vineyard, quality is guaranteed.

As a thank you for making this wine a huge success, she’s sent over 500 FREE magnums too! Yours FREE when you order 12 of more bottles. But even without them, the spicy black fruit richness of Vinha Do Fava will blow you away. Just like it did the judges!