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Put your name down for a fruit-bomb red like no other – monster flavour in a velvet glove

Form a rapid queue! It’s time to take orders for a rich, fruit bomb red. Anarquista is a new 16% blockbuster from a £40-a-bottle winemaking maverick … yet just £40 reserves you a 12-bottle case, if you act now.

IMPORTANT INSIDER TIP: fans of legendary BIG Reds El Bombero and XV du Prèsident WILL love this. You see, Anarquista is also made from 100% Garnacha, handpicked from some seriously old vines – up to 120 years in age. Winemaker Norrel Robertson has worked the world over and could consult for any number of smart, celebrity estates. But 15 years ago he chose to settle in Aragon, the ancient heart of old Spain.

Here he set about snapping up small plots of old vines along a horseshoeshaped ridge, 900 metres above sea level. Norrel’s passion is the Garnacha grape. Also known as Grenache, this sunloving, fruity powerhouse is the unsung hero behind some of the world’s richest, spiciest, most expensive wines … like Châteauneuf-du-Pape in France and the luxurious reds of Priorat in Spain. But its historic homeland is Aragon, Spain. And when it comes from windswept vines up to 120 years in age, ripened under a blistering sun, the concentration and flavour is unique – rich and immense.

Beefing up his £40 wine – bottled exclusively for us at £10.99

Normally, Norrel uses this precious Garnacha to beef up his boutique reds – which are sold almost exclusively to Spain’s Michelin-starred restaurants. But 2016’s super-hot harvest saw a small surplus which we persuaded him to bottle for our BIG Red fans – including his mum, who only drinks El Bombero (true!). When the wine is ready for delivery in late May, the 2nd instalment of £91.88 will be deducted, which means you are paying just £10.99 for a 16% fruit bomb in a bottle. You won’t be disappointed.

“Anarquista is a fruit bomb in a bottle. So much flavour. Raspberries, red cherries, sweet red fruit … laced with spice and black pepper … Super rich, unctuous even, with a gorgeous mouthfeel – like peaches and syrup.”

(Spanish buyer Beth Willard)